October 23, 17


Welcome to Paradise!!!

Once called the “Cancun-Tulum” corridor, the Riviera Maya is considered to be a top resort destination for travelers (especially from the US), that need a quick but relaxing getaway. Visitors line up to jump in and feel the crystalline blue waters of the Caribbean Sea, but the little Bohemian town of Tulum offers more than just a conventional escape for vacationers. On an all-girls trip with our closest friends, we were hyped to experience the magical and sweeping views of Tulum.

Driving into Tulum is like entering a new and sacred world, one that is filled with natural wonders and a sustainable lifestyle, that popular beach town resorts still have to catch up onto. The fusion of luxury boutique hotels with an environment-friendly approach towards their natural surroundings does not only give you a new outlook on how to live a more viable existence, but it also enables you to genuinely connect to the enchanting scenery around you and relax more than anywhere else in the world. Most hotels in Tulum use green architectural designs that tie in with the landscape and leave a minimal ecological footprint, revolutionizing the way we go on holiday, and compelling visitors to focus more on the essential qualities of life (NATURE).

With all that beauty to take in, we were excited to see what all the best beach-front hotels in Tulum had to offer, so we decided to check out as many as possible (that’s how sure we were on coming back to this mesmerizing ocean-front town, that Pablo Escobar once called his home).

For future visitors of the “City of Sunrise”, we share our three favorites and break down what makes them the best hotels in Tulum, Mexico.


As we stayed the first portion of our trip at Nomade Tulum Hotel, it was our opening introduction to a vacation that will be centered around connecting our mind, body and soul to mother nature and all that it has to offer.
An ocean-front paradise, the hotel joins Moroccan-inspired interior with contemporary architecture, cultivating a refreshing atmosphere of bohemian luxury. The place caters to flower children and affluent travelers alike, therefore attracting charismatic crowds from all over the world. Although it is as a tranquil adult retreat and entices would-be guests to indulge in serenity, families with young children are welcome here and we have seen many parents with their little ones during our 6-day stay. Relax in one of the beach-front cabanas and admire the view of white, soft sand and the peaceful ocean of the Caribbean. With delicious food, that encompasses tasty options for vegetarians and vegans and a unique selection of recreational activities, that range from rejuvenating workshops to bike rentals, the hotel delivers an extraordinary service to its guests. Ultimately, Nomade Tulum turns out to be a sanctuary that encourages personal transformation through a unique program of the healing arts, varying from yoga sessions to shamanic ceremonies. Be ready to turn a tropical escape into a journey of self-discovery and therapeutic restoration.

+ Free breakfast included (delicious choices for vegans); beach club during the day; best location – Be Tulum Hotel to the left & Casa Malca to the right

– Although kids are welcome, hotel amenities don’t cater to children; book regular room instead of deluxe tents if you don’t like open air bathroom facilities

Try Out:

At Yaan Energy Spa participate in their Temazcal Ceremony, a powerful Mayan ritual to purify the mind, body and soul held during new/ full moon.



From a personal residence of the most infamous drug lords ever, to a 5-star boutique hotel with staggering wall art and sculptures, Casa Malca is the perfect getaway for anyone who fancies a more private but quaint vacation. As the place is equipped with (only) 41 rooms and is not too far away from the protected Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve (towards the end of the Tulum strip), it offers a more mellow and discreet atmosphere, that is nonetheless thrilling through its grand and funky interior and unique cocktails at the beach-front bar. Hidden from the eyes of spectators, Casa Malca’s impressive entrance, that is surrounded by dense tropical vegetation, sets the tone of a memorable and extravagant holiday escape. Here you will experience a liberating journey of creative expression, as you absorb outstanding artwork of the most renowned contemporary artists such as KAWS or Jean-Michel Basquiat. By displaying pieces of his own ultra-rare collection, New York art dealer Lio Malca was able to transform Escobar’s private playground into a sophisticated getaway, that attracts not only a well-to- do crowd, but also creative-minded people with an appreciation for artistic expression and craftsmanship. The distinctive history of Casa Malca creates a mysterious atmosphere and provokes curiosity about how one of the wealthiest drug lords spent his time in paradise, which only enhances the extraordinary experience at this luxurious retreat. Whether you want to enjoy the view of a radiant sunset on the roof top deck, or gaze at the stars inside one of the hammocks by the glowing ocean at night, Casa Malca provides you with all that you need for an unforgettable retreat.

+ Untouched private beach, big outdoor pool
– Little to no choice of vegan dishes  


Casa Malca Beach View Pablo Escobar Mansion One of The 3 Best Hotels in Tulum
Beach at Casa Malca Pablo Escobar Mansion One of The 3 Best Hotels in Tulum


This adult-only retreat offers you a once in a life-time experience, as it brings to life an environment with the pure purpose of nourishing body, mind and soul in order to become one again with nature.

There are 3 things to be attentive of when visiting this magical place:

  1. By building their own water passages that surrounds the premises, Azulik Resort establishes a connection between the guest and the element of water throughout the property.
  2. By using only candles as the main light after the sun goes down, Azulik Resort
    conserves energy, while at the same time creating a romantic and dreamy
  3. By replacing air conditioning with floor-to- ceiling windows, Azulik Resort drives its
    guests to take advantage of the cool ocean breeze at night.
All of these factors contribute to a mindful connection with the environment and give way to listen and feel what the natural world holds out for you… Azulik Resort is therefore not merely a hotel but rather a lifestyle concept that empowers environmental solutions.
Although it is classified as a 3-star hotel on the higher end, Azulik combines impressive details of Mediterranean-luxury inside it’s bath interiors with a complex exterior design of a gigantic tree house. The hotel has four restaurants and a lot of healthy and delicious food options, encompassing all kinds of exquisite dishes. The Maya Spa offers personalized treatments and remedies for relaxing the body and restoring the spirit. The Dome of Azulik is one of the most outstanding architectural accomplishments in town – built from local wood in a way that let’s sun through without heating up the air inside, the Dome is the meeting point of yogis and spiritual seekers, who want to be part of the positive energy, that is radiated throughout the space. A healing paradise, that brings you closer to nature than ever, Azulik Resort is the most beautiful and therapeutic place along the Caribbean coastline.
+ couples retreat; special sight-seeing tours without crowds, hosted by ‘Mystikal Wanders’; Beach club during the day, gay-friendly
– no showers, only bathtubs
Fun facts:
1. Azulik’s beach is clothing-optional.
2. During breeding season there are many turtle nests on the beaches of Tulum. Azulik’s use of candle-light after sunset helps baby turtles to follow the natural light of the moon, rather than going towards strong artificial light coming from the properties.


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