Dubai In 5 Days

December 23, 17

After its discovery of oil in 1966, it took Dubai just about 40 years to evolve from a small fishing and pearling sea port into a futuristic and beaming city. Its transcendent architecture only showcases the boundless potential of what us humans can create and build. As the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai also ranked as the 1st most visited city by international tourists in 2018. In a place like this the “Sky is the Limit” and everywhere you go, there is something incredible to see or do. Having in mind the countless fun things around you, we would like to outline our favorites for a five-day trip to the “City of Gold”.


Jumeirah Al Qasr or Hotel Madinat Jumeirah is one of the best hotels around Dubai. It has the best view of Burj Al Arab, the best service and food on the beach and a super relaxing atmosphere. If you are not able to stay there, try to get a day pass for its private beach. Make sure to make an inquiry in advance, as they might close the beach for external guests, if it’s high season and busy.



  • Adult: AED 295
  • Child (5-12 years old): AED 195
  • Children below 4 years old, can access the beach complimentary


  • Adult: AED 395
  • Child (5-12 years old): AED 295
  • Children below 4 years old, can access the beach with our complimentary
  • PHONE: +971 4 366 62 35
  • [email protected]


After you enjoyed an afternoon at the beach, head over to Souk Madinat Jumeirah (connected to Al Qasr). There you can cool off and shop around stands and stalls for authentic oriental goods and get an idea of how a traditional Middle Eastern market place looks like.



Shops: 10:00 am to 11:00 pm
Restaurants: 08:00 to 02:00 pm



With a total height of 829.8 m (2,722 ft) Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world and a truly remarkable accomplishment. With its opening, Dubai ensured its recognition as a tourism hub and an architectural “Disneyland”. The world’s tallest restaurant “At.mosphere” is located on its 122nd floor (at 442 m/ 1450ft high) and it offers incomparable views of Dubai. You can choose from an intimate dining experience at the restaurant or a tea afternoon in the clouds at the lounge.


After breathtaking views from the top of the world, make your way down and walk over to Dubai Mall (right next to Burj Khalifa). It is one of the largest malls in the world and offers impeccable shopping with over 1300 shops, a Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, a Virtual Reality Park, the Reel Cinemas megaplex and the Olympic-sized Dubai Ice Rink.


The best beach club in Dubai is located in Dubai Marina near the Ritz Carlton Hotel and by The Beach at JBR. JBR is a lively public beach district offering a variety of watersports and a beautiful view on the Dubai Eye Ferris Wheel. At Zero Gravity Beach Club you can enjoy a whole day of music by the sea, while tanning in one of the loungers and watching skydivers cruising through the clouds (Skydive Dubai’s drop zone is right next to Zero Gravity). The infamous skyline, including the twisted skyscraper called Cayan tower is right in the background and in a perfect angle for snapshots featuring skyscrapers and beach in one.


After you sunbathed all afternoon, check out Marina Walk (on the other side of JBR walk). A yacht club, the Marina Mall and another beautiful skyline await you there. Take a walk around and grab a bite by Marina Mall, where you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the harbor.


We absolutely recommend to go on a desert safari, as it really takes you back to Dubai’s roots, offering a glimpse into how life was like before the oil and real estate boom. There are many different kinds of safari tours to choose from and it depends on what your preferences are. However, we would like to share our view on a fairly new travel company: Platinum Heritage. They offer the most environment-friendly safari tours, as they stay away from the practice “dune bashing” (driving at increased speeds over sand dunes). Their educational concept does not only teach you about the local flora and fauna and how to preserve local culture without attacking the wildlife, but it also offers a more authentic experience in the Arabian Desert. Instead of using utility sports vehicles that need to be replaced every few years, Platinum Heritage rebuilt vintage Land Rovers that have a much longer shelf life than a Hummer or a Toyota SUV used for off-roading and those museum-worthy “oldies” make the tour even more special.





The fifth-tallest hotel in the world is an impressive architectural masterpiece. Shaped like a sail, Burj Al Arab rests on an artificial island that is connected to the mainland by a bridge. In order to be admitted to the hotel you either have to be a guest or make a reservation at one of their restaurants, the tea room or at Talise Spa. As you enter the bridge, security will stop your car and ask for your name and reservation, so make sure you have booked your visit in advance.

On the last day of your trip we recommend a Spa Day at 150 meters (492 feet) high. Talise Spa at Burj Al Arab is the perfect escape to relax and rejuvenate, all the while enjoying an impressive view. The natural sunlight coming through the enormous windows in the pool area will boost your body’s vitamin storage and make you ready for your trip back home. Talise Spa is housed over two levels and offers a variety of treatments: from facials to massages and even special experiences for couples such as the Romantic Moonlight Swim – there is no other Spa as close to heaven as this one.



The Best Hotels in Tulum, Mexico

October 23, 17


Welcome to Paradise!!!

Once called the “Cancun-Tulum” corridor, the Riviera Maya is considered to be a top resort destination for travelers (especially from the US), that need a quick but relaxing getaway. Visitors line up to jump in and feel the crystalline blue waters of the Caribbean Sea, but the little Bohemian town of Tulum offers more than just a conventional escape for vacationers. On an all-girls trip with our closest friends, we were hyped to experience the magical and sweeping views of Tulum.

Driving into Tulum is like entering a new and sacred world, one that is filled with natural wonders and a sustainable lifestyle, that popular beach town resorts still have to catch up onto. The fusion of luxury boutique hotels with an environment-friendly approach towards their natural surroundings does not only give you a new outlook on how to live a more viable existence, but it also enables you to genuinely connect to the enchanting scenery around you and relax more than anywhere else in the world. Most hotels in Tulum use green architectural designs that tie in with the landscape and leave a minimal ecological footprint, revolutionizing the way we go on holiday, and compelling visitors to focus more on the essential qualities of life (NATURE).

With all that beauty to take in, we were excited to see what all the best beach-front hotels in Tulum had to offer, so we decided to check out as many as possible (that’s how sure we were on coming back to this mesmerizing ocean-front town, that Pablo Escobar once called his home).

For future visitors of the “City of Sunrise”, we share our three favorites and break down what makes them the best hotels in Tulum, Mexico.


As we stayed the first portion of our trip at Nomade Tulum Hotel, it was our opening introduction to a vacation that will be centered around connecting our mind, body and soul to mother nature and all that it has to offer.
An ocean-front paradise, the hotel joins Moroccan-inspired interior with contemporary architecture, cultivating a refreshing atmosphere of bohemian luxury. The place caters to flower children and affluent travelers alike, therefore attracting charismatic crowds from all over the world. Although it is as a tranquil adult retreat and entices would-be guests to indulge in serenity, families with young children are welcome here and we have seen many parents with their little ones during our 6-day stay. Relax in one of the beach-front cabanas and admire the view of white, soft sand and the peaceful ocean of the Caribbean. With delicious food, that encompasses tasty options for vegetarians and vegans and a unique selection of recreational activities, that range from rejuvenating workshops to bike rentals, the hotel delivers an extraordinary service to its guests. Ultimately, Nomade Tulum turns out to be a sanctuary that encourages personal transformation through a unique program of the healing arts, varying from yoga sessions to shamanic ceremonies. Be ready to turn a tropical escape into a journey of self-discovery and therapeutic restoration.

+ Free breakfast included (delicious choices for vegans); beach club during the day; best location – Be Tulum Hotel to the left & Casa Malca to the right

– Although kids are welcome, hotel amenities don’t cater to children; book regular room instead of deluxe tents if you don’t like open air bathroom facilities

Try Out:

At Yaan Energy Spa participate in their Temazcal Ceremony, a powerful Mayan ritual to purify the mind, body and soul held during new/ full moon.


From a personal residence of the most infamous drug lords ever, to a 5-star boutique hotel with staggering wall art and sculptures, Casa Malca is the perfect getaway for anyone who fancies a more private but quaint vacation. As the place is equipped with (only) 41 rooms and is not too far away from the protected Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve (towards the end of the Tulum strip), it offers a more mellow and discreet atmosphere, that is nonetheless thrilling through its grand and funky interior and unique cocktails at the beach-front bar. Hidden from the eyes of spectators, Casa Malca’s impressive entrance, that is surrounded by dense tropical vegetation, sets the tone of a memorable and extravagant holiday escape. Here you will experience a liberating journey of creative expression, as you absorb outstanding artwork of the most renowned contemporary artists such as KAWS or Jean-Michel Basquiat. By displaying pieces of his own ultra-rare collection, New York art dealer Lio Malca was able to transform Escobar’s private playground into a sophisticated getaway, that attracts not only a well-to- do crowd, but also creative-minded people with an appreciation for artistic expression and craftsmanship. The distinctive history of Casa Malca creates a mysterious atmosphere and provokes curiosity about how one of the wealthiest drug lords spent his time in paradise, which only enhances the extraordinary experience at this luxurious retreat. Whether you want to enjoy the view of a radiant sunset on the roof top deck, or gaze at the stars inside one of the hammocks by the glowing ocean at night, Casa Malca provides you with all that you need for an unforgettable retreat.

+ Untouched private beach, big outdoor pool
– Little to no choice of vegan dishes

Casa Malca Beach View Pablo Escobar Mansion One of The 3 Best Hotels in Tulum
Beach at Casa Malca Pablo Escobar Mansion One of The 3 Best Hotels in Tulum


This adult-only retreat offers you a once in a life-time experience, as it brings to life an environment with the pure purpose of nourishing body, mind and soul in order to become one again with nature.

There are 3 things to be attentive of when visiting this magical place:

  1. By building their own water passages that surrounds the premises, Azulik Resort establishes a connection between the guest and the element of water throughout the property.
  2. By using only candles as the main light after the sun goes down, Azulik Resort
    conserves energy, while at the same time creating a romantic and dreamy
  3. By replacing air conditioning with floor-to- ceiling windows, Azulik Resort drives its
    guests to take advantage of the cool ocean breeze at night.
All of these factors contribute to a mindful connection with the environment and give way to listen and feel what the natural world holds out for you… Azulik Resort is therefore not merely a hotel but rather a lifestyle concept that empowers environmental solutions.
Although it is classified as a 3-star hotel on the higher end, Azulik combines impressive details of Mediterranean-luxury inside it’s bath interiors with a complex exterior design of a gigantic tree house. The hotel has four restaurants and a lot of healthy and delicious food options, encompassing all kinds of exquisite dishes. The Maya Spa offers personalized treatments and remedies for relaxing the body and restoring the spirit. The Dome of Azulik is one of the most outstanding architectural accomplishments in town – built from local wood in a way that let’s sun through without heating up the air inside, the Dome is the meeting point of yogis and spiritual seekers, who want to be part of the positive energy, that is radiated throughout the space. A healing paradise, that brings you closer to nature than ever, Azulik Resort is the most beautiful and therapeutic place along the Caribbean coastline.
+ couples retreat; special sight-seeing tours without crowds, hosted by ‘Mystikal Wanders’; Beach club during the day, gay-friendly
– no showers, only bathtubs
Fun facts:
1. Azulik’s beach is clothing-optional.
2. During breeding season there are many turtle nests on the beaches of Tulum. Azulik’s use of candle-light after sunset helps baby turtles to follow the natural light of the moon, rather than going towards strong artificial light coming from the properties.


The 5 Best Things To Do In Maui

August 13, 17

With over 80 accessible beaches on Maui, the island offers the most diverse views of ocean fronts. Whether it is sand of unique colors or the various beach activities to go about, you will never feel a sense of monotony while exploring Maui’s coast.



This beautiful utopian-like place should be Number 1. on your list of things to do in Maui, since you will find the most picturesque and impressive surroundings here. Arrive early and plan an hour to an hour and a half to reach the waterfalls. During the hike you will encounter many different landscapes with breathtaking views of the ocean, tropical guava trees and dense bamboo forests. Be cautious throughout the hike as it gets higher in elevation the further you go. Since the lush plantlife conceals some of the views, you don´t realize that you are standing on high cliffs, so be careful where you step or stop to take a break. Once you reach the pools, you will be rewarded with refreshingly clear water and a breathtaking view of the endless ocean.


678 Omaopio Road | Kula | Maui, HI 96790


This uniquely colored beach consists of fine pitch black basalt rocks, that stem from volcanic sediment. With the turquoise waters of the ocean and the bright green plantlife around it, the landscape picks up a mesmerizing contrast. Although it can get busy here with many visitors admiring the landscape and crushing waves, it is definitely a must-see in Maui. The earlier you arrive, the more likely it will be that you can enjoy the dazzling setting without any crowds.


Wainapanapa State Park | Hana | Maui, HI 96713



Unlike Black Sand Beach, Kaihalulu Bay has a tiny beach that is in part protected from the open ocean by an offshore reef. Therefore, the waters are more calm and it is easier to swim here. The red-blackish sand gets its color from volcanic fragments and the scenery looks like a painting due to its distinctive red and blue tones. One factor to be thoughtful of is that you are hiking on an edgy cliff and slippery rocks make the hike quite difficult. Make sure to watch your steps and be ready for a small work-out!


Uakea Road | Kaihalulu Bay | Hana | Maui, HI 96713



There is a reason that Hamoa Beach is considered the Nr. 1 beach in the USA. Without a question, this place has one of the most fascinating and beautiful landscapes we have ever seen! There is not much to say except for:  Get ready to encounter one of nature’s finest tropical wonders of North America! One important note for surfers /snorkelers: Depending on the weather, the waves get extremely intense and big so take care if you are not used to severe surf conditions.


Hamoa Beach | Hana, HI 96713



Molokini is a volcanic crater that erupted approximately 230,000 years ago. As a natural resource with extremely clear water, it is not only welcoming visitors from everywhere interested in volcanic landscapes, but it is also a popular scuba diving/ snorkeling destination to spot sea life. The crater is only three miles off Maui’s southwestern shore and tours on yachts, rafts or catamarans leave daily from Maalaea Harbor.

Here is a link to a website where you can find tours and daily updates on weather conditions.

Address to Maalea Harbor:

101 Maalaea Road | Wailuku, HI 96793



There are a few options on where to stay dependent on what you plan on doing during your trip:


Kaanapali, Lahaina, Napili, Kahana, Kapalua are the most popular and convenient areas for travelers, who enjoy restaurant dining and shopping. All beaches around these neighborhoods are very beautiful and scenic, and offer a wide range of water activities through hotels or rental shops nearby. While there are many high end resorts and condos in Ka’anapali and Kapalua, the whaling town of Lahaina offers more mid-range lodging opportunities. If you are looking for a more relaxing and soothing holiday, staying here might be not for you as you have to deal with traffic and large crowds by the beaches.


Reached by the legendary Road to Hana, East Maui is a peaceful place and unspoiled by the many crowds and large resorts. Isolated from other parts of the island, the town of Hana offers hikes to spectacular waterfalls, extraordinary beaches with rare colors of sands and a memorable atmosphere of a hidden tropical paradise. Although you will encounter many visitors exploring all the beauty Hana has to offer, staying here will give you the most authentic and heavenly experience as you can relax while becoming one with nature.


Kihei and Wailea are two of the towns on the island that offer cheaper lodging. The weather in these areas is great all year-round, as the sun comes through the most here. With over 6 miles of accessible beaches, visitors have easy access to changing rooms and parking. For beginners who want to learn surfing, Kihei Cove is the best call of all Maui and board rentals are nearby.


With lesser crowds and a more convenient proximity to the Road to Hana, North Maui is great for travelers who want a more local feel during their stay. As there are no hotels in the area, vacation rentals are the way to go. Baldwin Beach Park and the Historic Town of Paia nearby are the two top places to check out when staying here.


Moorea and bora bora in 8 days

July 28, 17


Our next escape and truly a dream come true was our trip to French Polynesia. Known to be the number one honeymoon destination, Tahiti and its neighboring islands are without a doubt embodying absolute paradise on earth.


We arrived at Fa’a’a International Airport in Papeete with Air Tahiti after an 8 – hour long flight from Los Angeles. From there we waited for our connection to Moorea, Tahiti’s closest neighboring island. Although Moorea is only a 45-min ferry ride away, we decided to continue our journey by plane, as leaving the airport and getting a ride to the harbor felt like too much work. However, if you pack lightly and want to go to Moorea asap, I recommend taking a taxi to the harbor and hop on a ferry. There are multiple ferry – crossings daily and tickets cost about 16 USD per person for one way (cheaper than the 65 USD flight ticket). Another good tip that no one gave us is that Air Tahiti offers multi-island tours, where you have more freedom exploring other islands as well. Make sure to definitely see both Moorea and Bora Bora. Here is the link to Air Tahiti and it’s island hopping tours:

Located in front of a white sand beach, we decided to stay at the Hilton Moorea Lagoon Resort & Spa for the next six days. Not only does the hotel provide beautiful views of the lagoon that surrounds Moorea, but it is also situated right in front of a spectacular mountain rising to the sky. As a ‘high island’ of volcanic origin, Moorea is a perfect hiking destination and a great place to work on your fitness (bring your hiking shoes!). The hotel offers complimentary snorkeling gear, stand up paddles and canoes for their guests, which you can use to explore the area. Just a short walk away from the resort is a small greenery area with a secluded beach – it made us realize how astonishing it is that Moorea kept its raw island feel despite it’s growing popularity and number of visitors annually.


1. Belvedere Look-out, Pineapple Plantation and 3 Coconut Trees Pass Trail

Rent a car for the whole day and explore the approx. 40-mile (or 65km) long island on your own time. Ask your hotel if you can get a 4×4, as the road leading to the interior of the island (where the Belvedere Look-out is) can get bumpy. Stop at the pineapple plantation on the way to the lookout and explore the area with stunning views of colorful vegetation and high rising mountains. Afterwards, continue your drive towards the top. Once you arrive, park your car and look for the 3 Coconut Pass Trail to hike (taking about 3-4 hours in total). There are many slippery sections, so wear comfortable shoes and prepare for rain in the jungle. As a reward you will encounter scenic landscapes and lush bamboo forests with impressive color tones of green and emerald.

Overall, hiking and stopping at other unique spots such as coconut plantations and food trucks with local fruits along the main road will take time, so make sure to spend a whole day adventuring.

In the middle of a coconut plantation we found a “Tiki”, a sacred piece of art believed to represent protection for the people living close by. It is mind-blowing how Polynesian culture and religion connect to the physical environment and nature without interfering or abusing it.

2. Meet the stingrays and Nurse sharks:

The Hilton Moorea Lagoon Resort & Spa offers daily departures of group tours from their dock, however we decided to rent a private motor boat from the hotel to check out the stingrays and nurse sharks (only a 15-minutes boat ride away). After our first and unforgettable experience with the ocean kittens in the Bahamas, we really wanted to spend more time in the area and rented the boat for two hours. Our captain was familiar with one of the 12 stingrays and it came right away to us. Knowing that people bring food for them, the stingrays get very touchy and close to you but don’t panic – they won’t harm you as they only want food and some love.

It is a beautiful experience, where you become one with the sea creatures and the ocean.



Bora Bora is a 45-minutes flight away from Moorea and as you get into Bora Bora you will have spectacular aerial views of the lagoons and Mount Otemanu. Make sure to sit on the left side of the plane, once you enter the plane from the rear.
We chose to stay at Sofitel Bora Bora Marara Beach Resort and upon arrival at the airport we were greeted by our hotel personnel and escorted to their boat that took us to the hotel. On our 30-minute boat ride to the hotel we were taking in the fascinating colors of Bora Bora ranging from turquoise to indigo to azure. It was a breathtaking first impression of the “Jewel of the South Seas”.

Transportation, sightseeing and other activities will be organized through your hotel, so make sure to figure out what is offered and where you are located before choosing a resort. Check out hotels of Bora Bora here:

One of the activities offered through Sofitel Marara Beach Resort at La Plage (their beach) is boat rental to explore all of Bora Bora.
We were super excited to check out the lagoons and reefs of the island on our own thanks to French law that permits 6 hp water-vehicle rental without a boating license. As the motor boats are not too fast, you can go around all of Bora Bora in 4 hours (without stopping). After a short introduction on how to anchor our watercraft and the colors indicating the depth of water around the island, we were ready to leave for our private expedition. The boat came with snorkeling gear and a cooler, so make sure to pack food and drinks for the day out at sea.

Although it was scary to be all alone in the open sea at first, we realized that the waters are so calm and mostly not deeper than 9 feet (or 3 meters), that we felt more comfortable after being 30 minutes on the boat. We stopped at an empty beach without anyone else around to eat something and take some photos. It was a surreal experience and pure utopia.

After continuing our journey for another hour and a half we stopped at another beautiful spot close to the St. Regis Hotel. Our excursion was interrupted there when I stepped accidently on a sea urchin. Unfortunately, we had no idea that exploring the waters would be best with water shoes on. In a frenzy we decided to return to our hotel, where I was assured that if it had been a poisonous sea urchin, I’d be already paralyzed by now (not too comforting). After disinfecting the wound I felt much better and we enjoyed the rest of our stay close to the hotel… Whether it is the dreamy colors of the lagoons or the capturing landscapes and people, the islands of French Polynesia are truly magical and must-see destinations to visit in a lifetime. We will be back soon…



What To Do In Exuma In One Weekend

May 3, 17

As a collection of remote islands, only a few thousand residents can call Exuma Cays their home. What the ‘Out Islands’ lack in crowds, they make up in hosting of numerous friendly sea creatures, ready to meet travelers passing through. For that reason, we were in high spirits to check out the Bahamas and its ocean animals.


There are no direct flights to any of the islands in the Bahamas from Los Angeles (LAX), so be ready for at least one layover on the East Coast. New York is the best departure airport for most Caribbean islands and it offers direct flights to the outer islands of the Bahamas as well. Exuma International Airport is very small and services mainly small aircrafts or regional planes from the United States. It would be advisable to set up a pick up car through your hotel prior to arrival, as taxis are slightly difficult to spot (they are usually big, white vans and some have no taxi sign or mark on them – except inside the car). Although driving is on the left side of the road, car rental is highly recommended, as road conditions are very manageable. Besides, taxis are expensive and a roundtrip can cost more than renting out a car for a day.


We stayed at Exuma Beach Resort, which is conveniently located close to the capital of Exuma, called Georgetown (a 10 min walk away). The resort has a small pier and an amazing view from the beach and there are little fish swimming everywhere around the area. Another favorable factor of staying at the hotel is their restaurant “Latitudes”, which serves great food. If you decide to walk into town, you’ll find a local spot with delicious food called Shirley’s at the Fish Fry (highly recommended). 



Tropic of Cancer Beach, also known as Pelican Beach, is a stunning and secluded beach located in Little Exuma (connected to Great Exuma by a short ride on a bridge). Make sure to bring food and drinks, since there are no stores nearby. It is by far one of the most picturesque sights we have experienced and a fascinating place with clear turquoise water and white soft sand. Plan to stay the whole day and relax with a book and snacks, as it is one of the best and most beautiful beaches of the Bahamas.

Fun fact:

The Tropic of Cancer is the circle marking the latitude 23.5 degrees north, where the sun is directly overhead at noon on June 21, the beginning of summer in the northern hemisphere. Starting at the prime meridian and heading eastward, the Tropic of Cancer passes through 16 countries in total.


Queen’s Highway | William’s Town, Little Exuma | The Exumas


Once you arrive in Georgetown, catch a ride (only 5-7 minutes) in a water taxi over to 1 Stocking Island. There you’ll find one of the best beach restaurants in the Caribbean –  Chat’N’Chill is not only a bar/ restaurant with delicious food, but also a perfect hangout for sailors and snorkelers. The beach is rich with colorful shells and the greenish-blue water is home to a family of stingrays that come by and want to be fed. The employees working there are prepared to give you some vegetables for the stingrays (usually for free so don’t pay a fee), however if you don’t want to rely on them make sure to bring fresh lettuce in a box and you will hit it off with the ocean kittens right away. 

Don’t forget snorkeling gear and cash for the taxi boat!


Although we went with a great and well-organized tour (4 C’s Adventures) and saw a variety of fascinating places and celebrity islands, I would recommend renting out a small boat with a skipper for the whole day and check out James’ Bond’s Thunderball Grotto, Pig Island, Compass Key and Allen’s Cay on your own time. It is definitely worth paying a little bit more and make your own itinerary, which you can alter dependent on weather conditions and your own preferences of where to stay longer.

Also, do not book your trip before coming to the Bahamas – we met a few people who were scammed online (they wanted to book their tours in advance and found the website of the company they booked from taken down upon arrival).


The tiny islands of Exuma are a special and exotic getaway outside of crowded plazas and busy streets, guaranteeing a laid-back atmosphere in a tropical paradise.



What to do in Kauai in 5 Days

As the most picturesque island of the Hawaiian archipelago, Kauai acommodates travelers with abundant flora and indigo-colored waters. Only a short flight away from L.A., we were excited to experience the natural wonders of our close neighbor. Our guide provides you with the best sights to see that every local from Kauai would recommend. 


Los Angeles is only a 5-hour long flight away from all Hawaiian Islands and the most convenient departure airport. Prices vary from 400 – 600 US Dollars, depending on when you book and what months you would like to visit. As the weather doesn’t change drastically during “winter” months, visitors can plan ahead of time and not make weather conditions a deciding factor. As to getting around the island, renting a car is highly recommended. Although it is not necessary to have a 4-wheel drive on the island, it is definitely a fun factor to rent a jeep if you want to take it for a cruise on a secluded beach (just don’t get stuck…).


Only a 10 – minute drive away from the St. Regis Hotel, Queen’s Bath is a very unique spot to swim with fish and truly breathtaking. Once you arrive in a residential area, you should start to look for parking. The entrance to this natural swimming pool is on the right side of a small parking lot and it takes about 15 – minutes hiking alongside a waterfall to get to the lava rocks. As soon as you get there, keep left and walk for another five minutes and you will see the pool that is safest swimming in (if the tide is not too high). It is a slippery hike down, so make sure to wear comfortable shoes. Despite the beautiful scenery, it is an area to approach with caution, as there are no lifeguards or safety officials. Make sure to check for changing weather conditions and don’t forget to bring your snorkeling gear!


Kapiolani Road | Princeville | Kauai, HI 96722


The 173-foot waterfall near Lihue is off the beaten path and an adventurous undertaking. As there is no ‘official’ path, that leads to the waterfall, pack lightly and wear comfortable shoes for a steep descent on a slippery trail. Actually – Prepare yourself for a climb, as you have to use ropes to get to the bottom and be ready to get dirty in the mud. All of the struggle is worth it though, and once you get to the waterfall, you will be rewarded with an awe-inspiring sight. The water is very clear and super refreshing. Don’t forget to bring towels!


Maalo Road off Hwy 580 | Lihue | Kauai, HI


Although it is only a 5-7 min walk away from the St. Regis, it is a very private and secluded beach. In order to get to Pali Ke Kua, you have to take on a hidden path (again) that is east of a small parking area on the left side of the road (coming from St. Regis Hotel). Although it is not as difficult to get to as to Wailua Falls, the path to Hideaway Beach is still challenging. As most of the exceptionally fascinating and must-see places in Kauai, Hideaway Beach is not an easy undertaking. Besides the beauty of its blossoming plant life and turquoise waters, it is also a great place to spot sea turtles and go out for snorkeling during calm weather.


Ka Haku Road | Princeville | Kauai, HI 96722


Out of all the activities and sights in Kauai, hiking Na Pali Coast is without a question a must-do. Once you park your car by Ke’e Beach, you begin your hike via the ‘Kalalau Trail’, a 11-miles long (22 – miles roundtrip) path that leads you to the isolated beaches of Hanakapi’ai and Kalalau. The trail from Ke’e Beach to Hanakapi’ai is the most popular and accessible hike, as it is two miles long (four miles roundtrip) with outstanding views of the coastline and Kauai`s lush forests. It is not allowed to camp at Hanakapiai Beach, which makes the trip a day tour. Many hikers we encountered used trekking poles and hiking boots, which are definitley needed for going beyond Hanakapiai Beach. From there the hike gets more difficult and hazardous. We made it to Hanakapiai Beach and the views were more than we could ask for. Seeing and exploring some of Na Pali only validated for us why Kauai deserves its nickname as the “Garden Isle”.


Highway 560 | North Shore | Kauai, HI 96716


The St. Regis Princeville Resort is on the North Shore of Kauai and situated perfectly for those who prefer lesser crowds and a scenic view on Hanalei Bay. The hotel owns a small area of the beach, offering snorkel gear and boards for rental. Stand up paddling is a great way to explore the environment and get a work- out done at the same time. Just within few minutes of paddling is the ‘Hanalei River’ that offers calm waters and a scenic view of Kauai’s beautiful taro fields.