The 5 Best Things To Do In Maui

August 13, 17

With over 80 accessible beaches on Maui, the island offers the most diverse views of ocean fronts. Whether it is sand of unique colors or the various beach activities to go about, you will never feel a sense of monotony while exploring Maui’s coast.



This beautiful utopian-like place should be Number 1. on your list of things to do in Maui, since you will find the most picturesque and impressive surroundings here. Arrive early and plan an hour to an hour and a half to reach the waterfalls. During the hike you will encounter many different landscapes with breathtaking views of the ocean, tropical guava trees and dense bamboo forests. Be cautious throughout the hike as it gets higher in elevation the further you go. Since the lush plantlife conceals some of the views, you don´t realize that you are standing on high cliffs, so be careful where you step or stop to take a break. Once you reach the pools, you will be rewarded with refreshingly clear water and a breathtaking view of the endless ocean.


678 Omaopio Road | Kula | Maui, HI 96790


This uniquely colored beach consists of fine pitch black basalt rocks, that stem from volcanic sediment. With the turquoise waters of the ocean and the bright green plantlife around it, the landscape picks up a mesmerizing contrast. Although it can get busy here with many visitors admiring the landscape and crushing waves, it is definitely a must-see in Maui. The earlier you arrive, the more likely it will be that you can enjoy the dazzling setting without any crowds.


Wainapanapa State Park | Hana | Maui, HI 96713



Unlike Black Sand Beach, Kaihalulu Bay has a tiny beach that is in part protected from the open ocean by an offshore reef. Therefore, the waters are more calm and it is easier to swim here. The red-blackish sand gets its color from volcanic fragments and the scenery looks like a painting due to its distinctive red and blue tones. One factor to be thoughtful of is that you are hiking on an edgy cliff and slippery rocks make the hike quite difficult. Make sure to watch your steps and be ready for a small work-out!


Uakea Road | Kaihalulu Bay | Hana | Maui, HI 96713



There is a reason that Hamoa Beach is considered the Nr. 1 beach in the USA. Without a question, this place has one of the most fascinating and beautiful landscapes we have ever seen! There is not much to say except for:  Get ready to encounter one of nature’s finest tropical wonders of North America! One important note for surfers /snorkelers: Depending on the weather, the waves get extremely intense and big so take care if you are not used to severe surf conditions.


Hamoa Beach | Hana, HI 96713



Molokini is a volcanic crater that erupted approximately 230,000 years ago. As a natural resource with extremely clear water, it is not only welcoming visitors from everywhere interested in volcanic landscapes, but it is also a popular scuba diving/ snorkeling destination to spot sea life. The crater is only three miles off Maui’s southwestern shore and tours on yachts, rafts or catamarans leave daily from Maalaea Harbor.

Here is a link to a website where you can find tours and daily updates on weather conditions.

Address to Maalea Harbor:

101 Maalaea Road | Wailuku, HI 96793



There are a few options on where to stay dependent on what you plan on doing during your trip:


Kaanapali, Lahaina, Napili, Kahana, Kapalua are the most popular and convenient areas for travelers, who enjoy restaurant dining and shopping. All beaches around these neighborhoods are very beautiful and scenic, and offer a wide range of water activities through hotels or rental shops nearby. While there are many high end resorts and condos in Ka’anapali and Kapalua, the whaling town of Lahaina offers more mid-range lodging opportunities. If you are looking for a more relaxing and soothing holiday, staying here might be not for you as you have to deal with traffic and large crowds by the beaches.


Reached by the legendary Road to Hana, East Maui is a peaceful place and unspoiled by the many crowds and large resorts. Isolated from other parts of the island, the town of Hana offers hikes to spectacular waterfalls, extraordinary beaches with rare colors of sands and a memorable atmosphere of a hidden tropical paradise. Although you will encounter many visitors exploring all the beauty Hana has to offer, staying here will give you the most authentic and heavenly experience as you can relax while becoming one with nature.


Kihei and Wailea are two of the towns on the island that offer cheaper lodging. The weather in these areas is great all year-round, as the sun comes through the most here. With over 6 miles of accessible beaches, visitors have easy access to changing rooms and parking. For beginners who want to learn surfing, Kihei Cove is the best call of all Maui and board rentals are nearby.


With lesser crowds and a more convenient proximity to the Road to Hana, North Maui is great for travelers who want a more local feel during their stay. As there are no hotels in the area, vacation rentals are the way to go. Baldwin Beach Park and the Historic Town of Paia nearby are the two top places to check out when staying here.


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